Meeting strict certification requirements and presenting scrutiny proof reports and marketing claims can be easy with knowledgeable guidance and a strategic management plan.
LTS can help guide you through many avenues of Sustainability Communications:

  • Navigate the maze of eco-label programs,  and guide you to and through those that are best suited for your product, industry or customer base.
  • Ensure that your life cycle assessment complies with ISO guidelines for comparison reporting and/or marketing claims. We are able to:
    • guide you through your LCA project
    • fully operate an LCA as an outside consultant
    • or perform a third party critical review
  • Guide your Carbon Footprint, either corporate or product, to the standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

LCA Critical Review

Publishing the results of your LCA, or using it to support marketing claims or comparative assertions, requires that LCA studies undergo a 3rd party critical review process prior to publication in accordance with ISO 14044. Let LTS safeguard your LCA with an LCA Critical Review.

ISO Compliant LCA

If your objective is to publish the results of your Life Cycle Assessment for an external audience or to use them to support marketing claims, You need an ISO compliant LCA. LTS will make sure that your assessment and any related documentation is ISO compliant related to data collection, modeling, interpretation and reporting.

Environmental Product Declaration / Product Category Rules

As demand for environmentally preferable products has increased, concerns from consumers over “greenwashing” and unsubstantiated claims by manufacturers have also increased. Publishing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) will substantiate your environmental marketing claims and provide an ecolabel (ISO 14025) that consumers can use to accurately compare products.