Companies that collaborate throughout their supply chain and industry are better able to innovate and solve sustainability challenges across the product life cycle.

Supply Chain Consulting

An assessment of your supply chain will open the doors to communication, portray an expectation of values, allow focus on hotspots for improvement, and establish a baseline for future endeavors through a supply chain management plan.

Sustainable Logistics

Logistics processes influence the environment and society in many ways and in order to recognize them and their influence in whole value chain we should deal with supply logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics and reverse logistics.

For sustainable logistics, it is necessary to do input-output analysis, because there are important inputs such as resources (materials, people, energy, machinery and facilities), processes and outputs (products, waste, pollution, emission). This analysis can detect possibilities for enhancement in context of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, CSR.

Supply Chain Management

An LTS supply chain management consultant can guide you through data collection, assessment and development of a results driven management plan.

An Initial consultation with a supply chain management consultant is free of charge.