Companies that collaborate throughout their supply chain and industry are better able to innovate and solve sustainability challenges across the product life cycle.

Supply Chain Sustainability Consulting

Your supply chain plays a key role in your company’s sustainability valuation.

Our consultants will use a life cycle assessment to identify hotspots and potential risks stemming from your supply chain.

We can:

  • evaluate the environmental impacts of a supply chain,
  • compare resources and materials to find the less impactful option,
  • find opportunities to make improvements or reductions in impacts over the supply chain,
  • provide guidance and tools for the collection of pertinent data from your suppliers.

Sustainable Logistics

Logistics influence the environment in many ways and it is important to recognize them and their influence in whole value chain .

How does transportation affect your overall product footprint?  What reduction would you see from switching from air to oceanic freight? Does it matter where a manufacturing facility or distribution center are located?  These are just a few of the questions we can help you answer with a clear understanding of just how much it affects the overall product footprint.

An analysis can detect possibilities for enhancement in the context of sustainability.

Supply Chain Management

An assessment of your supply chain will open the doors to communication, portray an expectation of values, allow focus on hotspots for improvement, and establish a baseline for future endeavors and a supply chain management plan.

An Initial consultation with a supply chain sustainability consultant is free of charge.