Life Cycle Assessment provides an accurate picture of the true environmental trade-offs in product selection. By analyzing the impacts throughout a product life cycle you will gain a comprehensive view of the product and processes, an understanding of where improvements can be made and validity in your sustainability measures. It is your first step in the product sustainability journey.

Depending upon the intended application and audience of your Life Cycle Assessment endeavors, LTS will recommend an appropriate type and level of assessment. If your objective is to publish your results for an external audience or to use them to support marketing claims, we will make sure that your assessment and any related documentation complies with all ISO requirements related to data collection, modeling, interpretation and reporting.

Screening Level Life Cycle Assessment/Hot Spot Analysis

Are you curious where the majority of impacts are occurring in your product’s life cycle? Are you seeking a cost-effective means to quickly identify the environmental hotspots in your product design or supply chain? If so, a screening level life cycle assessment or “hotspot analysis” is the most cost-effective way to gain a high level view of your product’s environmental footprint. Knowing where your biggest impacts originate allows you to focus your investment dollars and maximize the reduction of your environmental footprint.

Single Product Life Cycle Assessment

Are you seeking to establish a baseline of a single product’s environmental footprint to use as a benchmark for future assessments of similar products? Are you receiving customer requests for more comprehensive information regarding the environmental performance of your product? If so, LTS can serve your needs by performing a rigorous, ISO-compliant single product life cycle assessment that is ready for critical review to enable you to provide your customers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Multi-Product Life Cycle Assessment/Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (with Critical Review for Marketing Claims)

Are you trying to determine how one product compares with another, or with its competition? Are you seeking to make a marketing claim and state that one product is environmentally preferable to another? ISO standards require that your comparative life cycle assessment be critically reviewed by a third party. LTS can put the science behind your marketing claims by conducting an extensive, ISO-compliant LCA that refines your screening LCA and provides a report that is ready for critical review.

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