Sustainable Product Design not only reduces environmental impacts but also help to build brand reputation and improve sales; an all around win-win situation!

Not sure where to start with integrating Product Sustainability?

Start with one product!  Assess the impacts that product has on the environment and it will grow from there.  It is amazing the progress and innovation that springs from a company’s first life cycle assessment.  Sustainable Product Development is a journey, not a destination.

Explore avenues of our product sustainability guidance below or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Environmental Product Declaration / Product Category Rules

As demand for environmentally preferable products has increased, concerns from consumers over “greenwashing” and unsubstantiated claims by manufacturers have also increased. Publishing an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) will substantiate your environmental marketing claims and provide an ecolabel (ISO 14025) that consumers can use to accurately compare products.

Sustainability Management System

Manage the sustainable growth of your product line by integrating sustainability measurements directly in to your design and business decisions. Understand all the impacts before taking action. We will guide and support you through the creation and implementation of a product sustainability management system custom to your business.