LTS is dedicated to promote integrated design concepts in new buildings and renovations through the use of building science and best-practice efficient building methods. With several decades of combined experience in building efficiency and building science consulting, LTS brings professional guidance to your project or program, coordinating the architecture, mechanical systems, lighting and construction methods to produce the most efficient, least resource intensive buildings possible in a cost-effective package.

We develop energy efficiency approaches that work, enabling pragmatic, practical, and scale-able project and program implementation that results in deep energy savings.

LTS offers:

  • Expert design consulting services resulting in efficient, cost effective, durable buildings and building programs
  • Deep Energy Reduction design and planning
  • Energy system optimization through integrated design, including solar, solid bio-fuel, and conventional energy sources
  • Building science and efficiency workshops for building professionals,
  • Trouble-shooting for comfort, moisture, and indoor air quality problems in existing buildings
  • Research capacity for systems and products testing
  • Life Cycle Analysis

Interested in investigating the energy efficiency potential in a building?