SimaPro LCA Features

networkSimaPro has the features that you expect from a professional LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software package. Major features include:

*availability dependent on the SimaPro version chosen

  • Intuitive user interface following ISO 14040
  • Easy modeling, with powerful wizards available to assist you
  • Parameterized modeling with scenario analysis
  • Hybrid LCA with Input Output databases
  • Direct linking to Excel or ASP databases
  • lca_explorerDirect impact assessment calculations from each stage of your model
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • All results in one convenient window
  • Interactive results analysis: trace results back to their origins, in real time
  • Grouping of results
  • Weak point analysis: use the process tree to identify any “hot spots”

Interactive analysis of a network

  • Extensive filtering options for all results
  • Analyze complex waste treatment and recycling scenarios
  • Allocation of multiple output processes

To see all features, download a SimaPro demo. The Guided Tour will take you through SimaPro LCA. With our Tutorial you will get hands on experience with SimaPro.