LCI Data Submission Procedure

1. Contact LTS

If you have data which you would like to submit to LTS for consideration in the DATASMART LCI Package, email, stating your name, organization and what type of datasets you would like to submit.

Complete the DATASMART Submission Form and email to

3. Create a Submission File

As a data provider you must gather the necessary data, consisting of process inputs, outputs and emissions. Datasets should be consistent, transparent and available on a unit process level, whenever possible. The data collection process needs to be documented and literature sources referenced in the dataset documentation.

Data must be submitted in the SimaPro CSV format.

4. Review Process

The dataset will be reviewed to ensure the quality and check for errors or inconsistencies within the dataset. Once all the reviewers are satisfied the dataset is accepted for publication.

5. After Acceptance

The dataset will be included in the next release of the DATASMART LCI Package. You will be visible as the author in the dataset and have the option to remain an “active author” meaning that interested users may contact you with questions or suggestions.