Scale up to a larger sustainability program by applying the basic principles to a specific problem through a customized tool.
Once the process and value are understood around a singular issue, the rationale for increasing the scope and depth of sustainability commitments throughout an organization become apparent.

abacus-3-1529685LTS’s software development team works with our clients to create custom tools that either integrate effectively with our primary investigative and evaluation tool, SimaPro, or stand-alone tools designed to address a specific technology, manufacturing process, materials application or other unique circumstance such as individualized terminology.

All our software programs are designed to produce critical environmental data including life cycle stages and carbon calculations that can be transferred to various departments, divisions or locations across a corporate structure.

The ease of use and ready access to data allow your technical staff to quickly determine, at the earliest stages of design or development, which options have the least environmental impact.

Interested in how a customized tool could streamline and advance your sustainability program?