Offering up only the proven life cycle assessment software tools that our own experts rely on, LTS is the proud North American distributor of the world renowned SimaPro LCA software and the developers of a custom North American specific database, DATASMART Life Cycle Inventory.

SimaPro Life Cycle Assessment software

SimaPro life cycle assessment software helps you turn your life cycle analysis expertise into business value: to empower solid decision-making, change your products’ life cycles for the better, and improve your company’s positive impact.

SimaPro provides you with a professional software tool to collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance of products and services. 


Material flow analysis from a life cycle perspective: Umberto NXT LCA supports ISO compliant Life Cycle Assessments and Footprints. Thanks to the graphical modelling you quickly get a clear overview of your product life cycle. Based on that model you perform reliable calculations of your product’s environmental impacts with just a few clicks.

DATASMART Life Cycle Inventory

DATASMART LCI Package is a dataset representative of the North American region provided by LTS containing expanded USLCI data and modified Ecoinvent v.2.2 data sets, as well as over new 700 processes covering such industries as textiles, packaging, bio-materials and dairy and all 50 U.S. state electricity mixes. The end result is a database that better represents U.S. operations.