Experts in Product Stewardship

Long Trail Sustainability (LTS), formerly EARTHSHIFT, provides the tools, knowledge and support that enable you to assess, reduce and effectively communicate the environmental impacts of your products.

LTS works with organizations to integrate life cycle sustainability practices in to their business conduct. Whether it’s a broad spectrum approach or a focused effort geared towards product design, employee engagement and collaboration, supply chain management, brand enhancement or beyond, LTS works closely with our clients and adapts our sustainability solutions to meet each one’s individualized challenges and ambitions.

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“I have earned four LCA and SimaPro certificates (total ten courses) from LTS (formerly EARTHSHIFT). These trainings have provided me a very strong foundation on both the SimPro software and the LCA methodology. The course materials are outstanding and useful. Additionally, the instructor is remarkable, knowledgeable, and very helpful. The education I received from LTS through taking these classes is enormously valuable as it has undoubtedly prepared me to become a sophisticated LCA practitioner.”
Eric Tan, Senior Research Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

“Our recent Life Cycle Assessment of the Denali jacket has helped our product development teams validate the environmental impact reductions achieved through the use of recycled polyester and a new dyeing process which uses up to 50% less water and chemicals and 25% less energy on average versus traditional dyeing methods. Our product development teams can now utilize the learnings from the LCA and quickly evaluate future design changes.”
-James Rogers, Sustainability Manager, The North Face

The North Face